Course materials for Foundation 11

Arriving - Basic Reading

Core Issue 1 - Arriving.pdf
Biblio - overall F11.pdf
Homework F11.1.pdf
A Child's Song.pdf
A.Schore Summary 2001.pdf
B.A.Brennan HoL Ch.13 Char. Struct.PDF
B.H.Bunkan Diaphragm betw.body&emot.pdf
D.Brul Uses & Applications of Breathing.pdf
K.U.Moberg Oxytocin Factor ch.1.pdf
M. Odent - Birth, Sexty+Orga.pdf
P.Levine Memory,Trauma & Healing 1996.pdf
R.Field BreatheInBreatheOut.pdf
S.Porges 2004 Neuroception.pdf
sites on www - around birth & just after.pdf

Arriving - Further Reading

A.Lowen Ch17 Schizoid.pdf
Birth -Special Issue 2010.pdf
D.B.Chamberlain Prenatal Stimulation.pdf
D.Siegel DM ch7 Self-Regulation.pdf
E.Greene&BGD Psych.Body ch.8 Armour&Schizoid.pdf
E.Michel Bent out of Shape-schizoid.pdf
Pix - baby footprint.jpg
Pix - Placenta.jpg
Poem M. Oliver When death comes.pdf
R.Carroll Body Ego more than skin deep_01.pdf
R.Carroll Neuroscience & GCylaw of self05.pdf
R.Jahnke-Breathing practicesR.pdf
S.Goddard MoroReflex.pdf
S.Grof BasicPerinatalMatrices Pix.pdf
S.M.Johnson ch5 Schizoid.pdf
sites on www - breathing.pdf
T.Lewis et al. GeneryTheory of Love ch2.pdf
T.Lewis et al. GeneryTheory of Love ch3.pdf

Needing - Basic Reading

Homework F11.2.pdf
Core Issue 2 - Needing.pdf
D.Juhan Job'sBody Touch pp43-57.pdf
Food - Butt and Brainy.pdf
Food - Eat Smart.pdf
Food and Mood - a complementary treatment for mental health problems.pdf
K.U.Moberg Oxytocin Factor ch12.pdf
Poem M.Oliver The Journey.pdf
S.Gerhardt Why love matters ch.3.PDF
S.Keleman Somatic Reality pp 21-42.PDF
S.Keleman The Human Ground pp 42-54.PDF
S.Keleman The Human Ground pp 57-76.PDF

Needing Further Reading

Attachment Security in Infancy - Ed Loewenton 2005.pdf
Attachment theory - Wikipedia.pdf
Food - Changing Diets, Changing Minds Report.pdf
K.U.Moberg The Oxytocin Factor ch.6.PDF
R.Karen Becoming Attached ch.2.PDF
R.Karen Becoming Attached ch.9.pdf
S.Gerhardt Why love matters ch.1.PDF
S.Gerhardt Why love matters ch.5.PDF
T.Lewis et al A General Theory of Love ch.4.pdf
T.Lewis et al A General Theory of Love pp 60-65.PDF

Adventuring Basic reading

4 ears.pdf
Awareness of body-sensation.pdf
Core Issue 3 - Adventuring out.pdf
D.Gorman Breathing - BodyMoveable.pdf
G.Hendricks Healing Breath.pdf
Homework F11.3.pdf
Recomm f Clearer Com.pdf
S.Brown Play ch.2 4.pdf
S.Brown Play ch.2.pdf

Adventuring further reading

A.Newton BreathinginGravityField 1H.pdf
A.Newton BreathinginGravityField 2R.pdf
A.Newton BreathinginGravityField 3H.pdf
P.Levine et al Breath&Consciousness-bad copy.pdf

Own Will - Basic reading

A.M.Barry 2009 Mirror Neurons.pdf
Acu 5 Element Circle GB .pdf
Anger management Wikipedia.pdf
Assertiveness and Assertiveness Training BBC.pdf
Being self-centred key to empathy.pdf
Core Issue 4 - Own Will.pdf
D.Richo How to be Adult in Relationships Ch1Mindful.PDF
D.Richo How to be an Adult Ch1AdultCild.pdf
D.Richo How to be an Adult Ch2Assertivness.pdf
D.Richo HTBAA ch 3 Fear.pdf
D.Richo HTBAA ch 4 Anger.pdf
D.Richo HTBAA ch 5 Guilt.pdf
D.Richo HTBAA ch 6 Values and Self-Esteem.pdf
Poem - V. Satir I am Me.pdf

Own Will - Further reading

B.Bower Violent Developments.pdf
C.Myss Anatomy Spirit ch 1.pdf
D.Connelly AIiH Spirit of the Work.pdf
D.Richo HTBAA ch 10 Befriending Shadow.pdf
D.Richo HTBAA ch 7 Boundaries in Relationships.pdf
D.Richo HTBAA ch 8 Intimacy.pdf
D.Richo HTBAA ch 9 Flexible Integration.pdf
J.P.Conger J and R Body as Shadow ch 6_.pdf
J.Rosenberg etal Body.Self and Soul ch3 Primary Scenario.pdf
J.Rosenberg etal Body.Self and Soul ch4 Looking In.pdf
J.Rosenberg etal Body.Self and Soul ch5 Looking at Body.pdf
J.Rosenberg etal Body.Self and Soul ch6 Dev.of Self.pdf
K.G.v.Duerckheim Hara ch1.pdf

Sexuality - Basic reading

DB session with trainee offer.pdf
Homework F11.5.pdf
Sexuality Questionnaire (M.Anand).pdf
Biology and sexual orientat.pdf
Body shapes.pdf
Core Issue 5 - Sex and heart.pdf
John Harvey Kellog anti female masturbation GB.pdf
Medieval nighties for sex - GB.pdf
Recomm f Clearer Com.pdf
Sexual Organ Shapes.pdf
Sexual Orientation.pdf
Th.Moore The Soul of Sex ch1.PDF
Th.Moore The Soul of Sex ch2.pdf
Th.Moore The Soul of Sex ch3.PDF
Th.Moore The Soul of Sex ch4.PDF
The Great Wall of Vagina.pdf

Sexuality - Further reading

E.Pierracks and J.Saly Creating Union ch2.PDF
E.Pierracks and J.Saly Creating Union ch3.PDF
J.Welwood Journey of the heart ch1.PDF
J.Welwood Journey of the heart ch2.pdf
Mirror neurons control erection response to porn.pdf
R.Carroll Love in a scientific climate.pdf
Th Moore Sex and Imagination ch8.PDF