What is Pulsing

PULSING is a style of massage - through soft rotary movements and rhythmic rocking of all parts of the body it gently releases tensions, feelings and energy, expanding the tissues, nourishing the person, creating spaciousness inside... It is deep Reichian bodywork without being painful, powerfully yet softly affecting the whole body-mind-spirit, nourishing body and soul.

Pulsing is playing with the rhythms of the body and allowing us to reconnect to them: the rhythm of the breath, the heartbeat, peristalsis and movements of the spinal fluid – the in and out of the energy flow in all its many manifestations. It reverberates through all the body rhythms, harmonising them. Gently, we can let go of pain and tension, can expand and open, and reconnect to our inner sources of nourishment and joy.

PULSING Intensive - 9 May – 10 May 2020
Sat/Sun 10am-6pm

This Pulsing Intensive allows time for understanding and experiencing the basis of this kind of bodywork, on the front, the back, and the sides. It also gives time for getting to know the technique so that it becomes intuitive and can be developed 'by feel'.

The cost for the 2-day workshop is £130 if booked by 1st May; after 1st May: £145.

To Book, please contact Silke Ziehl, tel: 07764 200 113, email: , or go to contact us

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