body stories workshops
This is a series of weekend workshops in deep bodywork. These weekends provide an opportunity to learn to listen to the unique story of your body, to access its wisdom and its knowledge. You will acquire skills to help you in your daily life to be more in touch with yourself, your deep sources of aliveness, and your life’s purpose.

Each weekend is a complete unit in itself, and also forms part of an ongoing series of exploration and discovery of the inner body space.

Sun 9 February 2020 "How to Touch"

Touch is an act of reaching across a boundary. In this workshop we will learn to pay attention to what we communicate non-verbally when we touch, and also HOW we communicate non-verbally - our intentions, our hopes and fears, our certainties and our uncertainty. Thus we become more aware of the layers of meaning that our touch conveys.

10am-6pm at The Open Centre, London. Fee £70 if booked by 31 January; after 31 January: £85.

Sat/Sun 21/22 March 2020 "Sexuality and the Heart Connection" - Deep Bodywork Weekend

This weekend is about being attentive to our reality as sexual human beings. Often we have learned to split ourselves in halves and to connect with either our heart or our genitals. Yet our body has deeper dreams of living, where love and excitement are both included together, and our wholeness is affirmed.
When we learn to trust our own bodies, our boundaries, our needs and desires and become more aware of the shifting patterns of opening up and closing down - then we can ground our sexuality in the compassion of the heart, and we can ground our heart connection in the excitement of our sexuality. Doing this, we'll heal the split between our sexuality and our heart.

10am-6pm both days, at The Open Centre, London. Fee £130 if booked by 13 March; after 13 March £145.

PULSING is a style of massage – through soft rotary movements and rhythmic rocking of all parts of the body it gently releases tensions, feelings and energy, expanding the tissues, nourishing the person, creating spaciousness inside... It is deep Reichian bodywork without being painful, powerfully yet softly affecting the whole body-mind-spirit.

Each workshop is a chance to give yourself a nourishing experience, with time to enjoy being in touch with the rhythms of life in and around you.

Sat/Sun (bank holiday) 9 – 10 May 2020 PULSING Intensive

To Book, please contact Silke Ziehl, tel: 07764 200 113, email: , or go to contact us


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